I love my Internship. This is a three second video that I got to do for Boscov’s. It was for there 4th of July sale. I don’t own the rights’ to the logo. I designed the motion graphics. The programs that were used was Adobe Effects CS5 and Photoshop. 

Kyle Cooper Poster for my Type IV class.

Kyle Cooper Poster for my Type IV class.

Final website layout for Paula Scher workshop. It was really good doing this for the last three day….Really time consuming but I think it went really well.

Website that I’m working on for a Paula Scher workshop. It’s for CASA.

This is a men and women jean catalogue.

I decided to use my fictional restaurant to make a website that patrons could use. The Homepage would appear with a scrolling bar of delicious desserts.

Room for Dessert package design includes a bag, two cake slice boxes, and a chocolate box.

Room for Dessert’s environmental campaign of a bus advertisement.

I created a fictional restaurant that serves dessert and wine only. This is the final logo.

Fictional company Living Green is a online company that helps people the need to be energy efficient. This is the final logo.